Types of Centennial 38 Memberships

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Section 117 | Wave your flag

Section 117 is located behind goal on the South stand. Offering a classic European-style standing terrace with general admission, section 117 is the loudest, most energetic part of the stadium. This section is designed for adults 18+ but there is no age restriction. Chanting, drinking, drums, and flags are present throughout. Stand captains lead the section in chants and cheers to keep the energy flowing!

Section 116 | Bring the Noise

Section 116 is directly to the East of section 117 and offers a highly affordable assigned seating experience right next to the bedlam of Section 117. You'll be seated just inches from the heart of the action, so you'll be able to participate with 117's chants at an inexpensive location. There are no drums or flags in this section, but you will be able to hear Section 117's drums very well.

Section 108 | Raise your voice

Section 108 is premium reserved seating section provided by Centennial 38 offering an unparalleled view of the game at spectacular pricing. Ticket holders the next section over pay twice as much for less-central seating. This section does not feature flags or loud noise devices, but does encourage supporter-style engagement with the game such as jeers toward the visiting team and/or periodic chants orchestrated by the other two sections. There is no specific age rage suggested and there are many families present. Note that coarse language may be heard in this section from time-to-time. Confetti may be present.

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