Out of many, one

We're the supporters group of the Rapids. There used to be 3!

We Are C38.

We are hooligans. We are craft brew geeks. We are the best tailgaters in the state. We are C38. In 2013, three supporters’ groups representing over 400 passionate supporters (each with their own section, traditions and leadership) sat down at one table and agreed it was time. It was time to form the largest supporters’ group Colorado had ever seen. A unified voice which would cheer louder, together. What resulted is Centennial 38, the only official supporters’ group of the Colorado Rapids which now spans across three sections of Dicks Sporting Goods Park!

Who were the founding groups?

There were three groups, each with their own members, logos, and ways of supporting the Rapids!

  • Bulldog Supporters Group - A group of fans who were in the bleachers along the north side of the stadium, behind goal.
  • Pid Army - In the same standing bleacher section alongside the Bulldogs, Pid Army were a rowdier bunch of supporters.
  • Class VI - Originally the sole holders of Section 108 tickets, Class VI had primo seats to go with their supporters' culture.