What is a supporter?

Maybe you're new to soccer. Maybe you're new to Colorado. Or maybe you're just getting around to learning about what makes hundreds of thousands of people in the US get together every week and cheer for their favorite team! Supporters’ groups are groups of highly-organized fans who buy their tickets together in a specific section so they can cheer as loudly as they like, be surrounded by their fellow passionate fans, and potentially receive recognition from the club and set their own rules (like us!).

Centennial 38 is the only official supporters’ group of the Colorado Rapids. With over 1600 seats across 3 sections, Centennial 38 offers a unique game day experience you can't get anywhere else! With drums, flags, organized chanting, and even a dedicated bar with special pricing, being a supporter has both perks and crazy traditions you'll love right away! You don't have to hop in right away. Grab a flag to start, wave it around, and let the other members fill you in on the cheers while you down a pint or two!

Is it just home games at the stadium?

No way! Centennial 38 members get together all year round! Here's just a few of the things you'll get to do as a supporter:

  • A massive 3 hour tailgate outside the stadium before each game
  • A speedy Supporters Bus stocked to the gills with beer to get you to the stadium in time to enjoy the tailgate
  • Awesome locally sponsored viewing parties at several bars when the Rapids are playing away.
  • Annual away games- Travel via plane, train or automobile to watch the Rapids dominate across the country!