New Member Checklist

Getting started is easy!

Before Match Day

There's not much you need to do before the day of the game. If it's a popular game, you'll want to do a few things beforehand:

  • Get your temporary membership - you don't need a full membership yet! Get a Single-Day ticket good for 1 game
  • Get your supporters bus ticketFor a small additional fee, you can hop on our members-only supporters bus. We don't allows walk ups, to reserve your seat now!
  • Map your route - If you're not taking the supporters bus, it's good to know how long it'll take to get there.

The day of the match

Alright. it's game day. What's next?

  • Bring $10 per person to the tailgate - Get to the tailgate! We start 3 hours before the game. Show up whenever, drink as much local beer as you want. Bring an empty stomach.
  • Bring your phone to board the supporters bus - Don't forget your phone if you bought your ticket beforehand.
  • Don't forget your ID - We party hard on our supporters bus and at the tailgate. While -21 is allowed, we will require your ID to confirm your drinking age if you'd like to consume.
  • Ticket Problems / Questions? Email us - We resolve all ticket questions and issues via email. You can email us at