Driving Sucks. Ride our Bus!

We'll get you to the game. With Beer.

Hop on the bus and get to the game!

Got your scarf on and ready to rock? Too bad the stadium is in sunny ol' Commerce City. Aka: ass-end-of-nowhere. That's ok! The Centennial 38 supporters bus stops by several partner bars in the downtown Denver area to pick you up, gets you to the game early enough to enjoy the Centennial 38 tailgate, and then swings you back to the same bar at the end of the game! The best part? The bus ride both ways has plenty of beer!

Where does the bus stop?

If you're ready to get to the match, grab your ticket and stop by the bar of your choice! We'll pick you up and drop you off, all the while chanting and singing. Also drinking. Lots of drinking.

We change our stops based on membership preference. Got a good bar? Let us know and we'll stop by!